• The Mighty Boltar

Born of the ashes...

Have you ever looked back on your life and kicked yourself for not starting that thing you dreamed about all those years ago? Yeah, 3DiDDy OffRoad began there too.

Many years ago the Mighty Boltar was romping around all over the western states in modified vehicles with a dream of creating an off road brand with his friends. That ended roughly 20 years ago when college appeared to be the "better" choice. In the end it was the passion for all things off the road that brought a salvaged 2002 Toyota 4Runner SR5 to life late in 2019. After several months of overhauling and upgrades the 4Runner was trail worthy.

Why 3DiDDy, you ask? The simplest answer comes from my 8-year-old daughter (who also happens to be one of the most precious princesses in my life) has called me Diddy from the time she began forming words. My son (who is 12 as of this writing) quickly began calling me Diddy as well, and the nickname stuck. So, with 3 children and a nickname like Diddy it was an easy step to dedicate the new rig to my children... behold, the 3DiDDy OffRoad brand was born!

Slowly at first, Mighty Boltar tiptoed into the off road community and began realizing the full potential of what he had built. The 4Runner was untested and untried but with zeal, enthusiasm and excitement, the 3DiDDy 4Runner began traversing various trails in and around Southern Utah. Probably the most enjoyable times the 4Runner has ever gone out was when my kids joined me on the trail. Squeals of delight and shouts for "More!" quickly created memories that will last forever.


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